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Swarovski Crystal: Dazzling Beauty with a Long History

Swarovski crystal has been a mainstay in the fashion and jewelry industry for over 113 years as  one of the finest crystals available. Since, at the time, Bohemia was the center of the best  crystals in the world, it only made sense that in the 1800’s, Daniel Swarovski made use of the  expertise and craftsmanship in his home town. 

Daniel was fascinated with the beauty and brilliance of the crystals at a young age. He was a man  of incredible adventure and with an eye for invention as well as an excellent entrepreneur. He  decided to relocate to Austria in 1895 so that he could use the alpine streams to generate  electricity while at the same time work in secret on his various inventions. Daniel was living in  the perfect time for creativity as the area was experiencing a renaissance in literature, the arts,  science and music. His talent for selecting the right cut to bring in the brilliance of light and  color made the Swarovski crystals coveted items for jewelry and embellishments.  

The twentieth century brought about an escalation of the use of crystals in the fashion world.  Icons such as Schiaparelli, Chanel, Christian Dior and Balenciaga began adding the gorgeous  Swarovski crystals to many of their designs. The reflection of light from the glittering crystals  were worn by such artists as Josephine Baker, the renowned jazz singer. Hollywood has always  been a center of trends for the fashion world and when they were worn by Audrey Hepburn,  Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich, the Swarovski crystal took off in popularity in the United  States and then the rest of the world.  

Today, the company continues its success and is run by the fifth generation of family members.  It prides itself on innovation and maintaining the legacy of Daniel Swarovski through the  creation of products that are of the highest quality of excellence while observing incredible  values in dealing with all of their employees, community, business partners as well as the  environment.  

Swarovski remains as an iconic tribute to the way companies should operate as they extend their  humanistic attitudes to both their products and the world.