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Side Income - Keep Your Brain Healthy To Achieve Success

Keeping Your Brain Healthy, so it can help you complete your tasks and see your intentions through to success. Brains can get tired just like any other part of the body. It could suffer from cerebral fatigue resulting in a lack of new ideas and poor thinking.

There are some tips to keep your brain refreshed and energized.

  1. Take a break every 25 minutes: 25-minute hard work followed by 2-3 minutes of non-work can make you productive and your brain energized. BEST: Do something physical on these short breaks like push-ups or jump rope.
  2. Don’t be in two places at once and do. You may listen to the radio while you’re making dresses or sweeping the rooms, but that’s because neither one requires your full attention. When doing something important like learning a new skill from a video, listening to music is distracting. By not multitasking, you get good results in less time, and your quality of work will be better, too.
  1. Good nutrition is important to your brain’s wellness. If you’re eating processed foods or junk foods, your brain has a lack of energy. If you’re eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, then you’re giving good nutrition to your brain. Don’t believe me? Cut out all junk food and processed food for one week. Add in fish oils or fish, along with plenty of veggies and fruits. See if you can notice a difference in both the way you feel and how well your brain functions.
  2. Prioritize Work on your most important task first when your brain is at its freshest. Getting this task done first will also give you a comfortable feeling of accomplishment and free you up to focus on smaller goals and tasks.
  3. Your brain works better when you exercise. You think better and more clearly. I wouldn’t be surprised if people who regularly exercise improve their IQ scores. It’s already been proven to increase memory and comprehension.
  4. Relax for 10 minutes every 50 minutes. Take 10 minutes break to meditate and walk around the block. Your brain will love this.
  5. Work and play. Instead, focus on getting your tasks done as quickly as possible, leave your computer, and do something totally unrelated to work. While you are out “playing”, your brain will be rejuvenating. You’ll find your brain becomes more creative and a much better problem solver when it takes a rest, relaxation, and diversion from work.