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Side Income - How time flies!

We have no time to be unhealthy:

Get walking, get exercising, and

     stop eating junk food, processed food, high saturated fat food,

     too sweet food, and salty food to prevent high blood pressure,

     and diabetes  especially if you want to make it to 78+ and

     enjoy the journey.

We have no time to let fear rule:

Just keep an open mind to new things and the surrounding people.

Be bold, make it through fear, release guilty feelings,

     manage your goals to achievable levels, and

     get to start working TODAY.

We have no time to be poor:

If you do not have the money you want, then

     get busy, work hard, and make it.

My neighbor worked as a janitor.

The husband and wife worked as a janitor.

We called them the husband-and-wife janitor team.

They bought three properties through janitor work.

Two properties are rented.

In one property, they live downstairs, and the upstairs is rented.

Isn’t it amazing?