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Easy Decorating Ideas for Stylish Kids Room Makeovers

Does your child’s room need a little livening up? Could it use a face lift yet you don’t have loads  of time or money to invest in this renovation? If so, don’t worry you can quickly transform your  kids room into a space that they will want to spend time in. No need to spend a fortune to update  your child’s room, with these quick and easy tips you can easily makeover your kids room in no  

time at all. Use these tips to transform your child’s current room into an inspiring space that is  sure to help encourage their creativity.  

Consider their Interests – When redecorating your child’s room the first thing you  should consider is their interests, hobbies, favorite colors, etc. The best way to create a  space that they are sure to love is to transform their room into a space that surrounds  them with their favorite things.  

Liven it Up with Color – One of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to make a  big change in your child’s room is with paint. Paint a single wall in a bright fun color to  instantly add flair, paint the entire room in their favorite color or add a coat of paint to  furniture to give it a new look. To get the most impact for your investment, paint is the  way to go.  

Photos make it Personal – Print out copies of your child’s favorite photos of  themselves, family, friends, vacations and special times together and have them printed  out in standard sizes so that frames are easy to find. Purchase inexpensive frames and  adorn the walls with images of different sizes to create a one of a kind personalized look  your child will love.  

Add Plenty of Accessorize – Accessories are a great way to quickly change the look and  feel of your kids’ room without too much time needed. Purchase draperies, bedding, rugs,  throw pillows, and wall hangings or draw pulls to quickly change the look of your child’s  room. Choose a single color, or multiple coordinating colors to create a cohesive, pulled  

together look. 

Storage is Essential – If you have kids then you know that they quickly acquire lots of  things. From the moment they are born, you are sure to have plenty of things to fill up  their rooms. Make sure you have plenty of places to neatly store all of their belongings  from shelves to baskets and toy boxes; storage is the key to a neat and orderly childrens  room.