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4 Bold Color Choices for Living Rooms that is sure to make a Statement

If your living room is dull, boring and outdated then chances are this beloved room often gets  neglected for other rooms in your home. Don’t let your living room turn into a room where no  one wants to spend time when it has so much potential. Y simply adding a coat of paint,  accessories, curtains, rugs and more you can quickly transform your living room into a place  where you will want to spend time and admire its beauty.  

Blank Slate – One great way to make your living room stand out and provide a fun and  cheery place that is warm and inviting is to start with a clean slate. This means that you  should paint the walls and ceiling white. By creating a blank canvas, you will then  experience pops of color that are dramatic and add flair. By adding bright colors such as  red, orange, blue or green accessories your living room is sure to pop. Try combining a  few complimentary colors of different shades of the same color to contrast with the white  walls and ceiling.  

Make an Accent Wall – If you want to add some flair to your living room without too  much effort this is a great way to do it. Just choose a single wall in your home and paint it  in a vibrant color that you love to create an eye catching accent wall. Then add rugs,  curtains and accessories to help draw out the color of your accent wall to create a pulled  together cohesive theme that looks well thought out and put together.  

Art Work – If you want to brighten up your living room and change the look of the  space, simply changing out the artwork is a great way to do just that. Add fun, interesting  eye catching pieces and keep the amount of art work that you hang to a minimal to help  the pieces that you do use to stand out and really make an impact. Choose bright,  colorful, fun artwork and remove any other items that are currently cluttering your walls  and you will love this room once again.  

DIY – One great way to spruce up your living room is to do repurpose existing furniture,  tables, etc. Include the kids and make it a hand on project that the whole family is  involved in. For example, paint an old table in the attic to match the living room and repurpose it to be a coffee table in your living room. There are hundreds of ways that you  can refinish existing furniture pieces to create new ones.