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Finding the Best Cookie Pan Set

While we call it a ‘cookie sheet’, these little requirements of the kitchen are used for far more than just the cookies that we love.  Also known as ‘baking sheets’ or ‘cookie pan sets’, they can be the home for pizzas, hors d’oeuvres, the kid’s craft projects, and even as a holder for some of the baked items so that there isn’t spillage in the oven.  There is probably no other kitchen tool that takes so much abuse, and because of that, they need to be the best.


Anyone who has purchased the ‘cheap’ cookie sheets has quickly found out that it was a bad investment. The first time that they are used the heat of the oven typically makes them warp. That is usually followed by the fact that the cookies began to stick.  Once you realized the disaster and got the cookies off, you were left with a dark colored stain from any non-stick spray and leftover cookies that even a diamond blade sander couldn’t remove.


Once you have learned your lesson, you will not make that mistake again. The best cookie pan sets will be made of sturdy steel and will not warp when placed in the oven. The next thing to look for is to make sure they have a ‘lip’ that has an upward swing to keep anything from sliding off during placement or removal from the oven. Nonstick surfaces will help in the cleaning as well as keeping the foods from sticking, but you need to make sure it is a brand that does not allow the nonstick surface to degrade over time.


Cookie pan sets should clean up easily, but the back or underside is often overlooked. This can lead to a buildup of discoloration and, while it isn’t visually seen, many cooks prefer that their kitchenware is spotless. To clean the backside, you can use a product such as baking soda or ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ and a nonabrasive cloth or sponge. It’s recommended that you ‘soak’ the backside prior to trying to clean so that any buildup is removed nicely. The better sets will come sparkling clean and look almost brand new.

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